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With a view of creating greater impact, we commenced our programme with awareness walks, exhibition, and such with an aim of channelizing our energies into building a rapport with the attendees, as well as heighten their awareness levels.



Our major goal of diabetes education wouldn't be possible without continuous strive towards making our programs very user-friendly. To go ahead with this vision, we organized free laboratory testing, screening, concerts and awareness camps, We also marked the world diabetes day with enlightening monuments, organizing an exhibition and concert thus bringing people together.



Unity, education, and prevention being our chief aim, we marked this year with more in-depth diabetes education programs, screening and treatment camps, The 'Life for Child' program marked prominence where we provided insulin, glucometer strips, and other health products to Type 1 diabetic children at subsidized rates. We again lit the monuments in blue to garner further support.This year we seeked to advertise more as well as gather people for free sampling and awareness.



Our major focus this year was to deepen knowledge of diabetes through specialized education programs for juvenile diabetics as well as doctors. We garnered a lot of support through the meetings, CME, and the camp. With a positive outlook, we build on trust and understanding towards one another, lifting each other up all the way!